MIGREO is a website designed by refugees and Germans. It is supposed to convey mutual support fast and unbureaucratically: for people, who had to flee from their homes and for people, who see theuse of immigration as a potential for a shrinking town. MIGREO wants to support the understanding for each other by showing general information about the refugees and the stories people have experienced. Last, but certainly not least, MIGREO wants to show that there is good news, too!

Ankommen in Brandenburg

…is a project of the Wertewandele.V.. It publishes the perceptions and experiences of the refugees arriving and settling down in Brandenburg. Moreover, the project provides facts, background knowledge and good practical experiences for civil social initiatives and administrations. For that purpose Germans and refugees designed this multilingual website (www.migreo.de).


…is a network in Forst consisting of agents of the municipal government and the district administration, counseling institutions, churches, economy and citizens. The essential aim of the FlüNet is cross-linking actors from all sections of social coexistence. In order to accomplish this, short and constructive channels of communication to coordinate activities are opened in order to integrate more actors and supporters. Furthermore, the network is a possibility for open discussion and communication. In the two years since the foundation of the FlüNet the network has been subjected to a dynamic process of development. Apart from local successes, the network attracts attention in national areas which has favorably influenced the image of the city and heightened the power of structural decision-making levels.

Concretely involved are: