MIGREO is an internet project designed by refugees and Germans, which aims to foster sympathy for one another and convey mutual support.


Dorra Uslu ist neue Koordinatorin (Eng)

27. January, 2016|0 Comments

Dorra Uslu ist neue Koordinatorin der Engagierten Stadt. Sie ist ebenfalls Ansprechpartnerin für das FlüNet und so zu erreichen: Montags von 9 bis 15 Uhr Kompetenzzentrum Forst Gubener Straße 30a Mail: dorra.uslu@kom-for.de Tel: 0175 9456690

Weihnachtsstimmung im FlüNet (eng)

27. January, 2016|0 Comments

Am 14.12.2015 traf sich das FlüNet das letzte Mal in diesem Jahr: Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen aus dem zu Ende gehenden Jahr austauschen, neue Kontakte knüpfen, Ideen für 2016 spinnen ... und das Engagement vieler Forsterinnen [...]


Unfortunately, we learn almost nothing about the refugees who come to us – besides the medial reports about the “refugee crisis”. And yet, getting to know personal experiences, fates and hardships as well as their situations here, can improve the willingness to help, as well as reducing fear hostile attitudes towards the arriving refugees. Besides, there are also Germans who know how it feels to be forced to leave homeland.


MIGREO is a website designed by refugees and Germans. It is supposed to convey mutual support fast and unbureaucratically: for people, who had to flee from their homes and for people, who see theuse of immigration as a potential for a shrinking town. MIGREO wants to support the understanding for each other by showing general information about the refugees and the stories people have experienced. Last, but certainly not least, MIGREO wants to show that there is good news, too!